WordPress And Blogging

Undoubtedly you are already aware of what blogging is. Blogging, a word that comes basically from two different words, Web' and 'Logging' is something that has been in trend since the early 2000s. Blogging is not just a hobby for a people anymore. It has become a business too. One can easily differentiate between professional bloggers and amateur bloggers. Here, in blogging, you don't just get paid by Google AdSense, wherein other advertisers place their ads on your website, but can also generate income using affiliate marketing, which basically means that you will link potential customers to the third party sellers such as Flipkart and Amazon and get paid a fair percentage of the sales. WordPress is basically a CMS (Content Management System) on which people can easily choose templates from to make their own website. 
Here at Digital Technology Institute, we have a whole module dedicated to this where you learn all the basics of WordPress that will help you further to be successful in the field of blogging.
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