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Write For Us : Submit Guest Post On Digital Marketing

Writing is the imagination compiled with thoughts framed in the form of words! Do You Possess Blogging Skills and also sound knowledge of Digital Marketing? If  your answer is Yes, Then you’re welcome to contribute your masterpiece of content on Digital Technology Institute’s website.

Who Are We?

Digital Technology Institute is among one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Delhi, Which has coached over 3000+ people in last four years and willing to give excellent teaching to more people that are eager to learn about internet marketing. Being a training institute, we have created a segment for blogging on our website to post new technical updates in the area of online marketing or any helpful information which provides knowledge to our readers and keep them up to date about digital know how. DTI blog was preserved by DTI Members exclusively , but now we are calling industry experts that are ready to publish their guest articles on our website. We take Guest Post on some of the below or related topic from the following listing, but you can even send us your subject or area of interest through email, Selected Topic will be advised to you on email. Following that, you could send us your piece of art-

Topics May Include:

  1. Digital Marketing Tips.
  2. Digital Marketing Case Studies.
  3. Blogging Tips, tools or Niche Suggestions.
  4. SEO Tools, Techniques, Tips, Benefits.
  5. Affiliate Marketing Tips, Niche Suggestions, tools etc.
  6. Tips for Entrepreneurs for growing their businesses.
  7. Tools For Digital Marketers.
  8. Digital Marketing Interview Preparation Tips.
  9. Social Media Tips.
  10. AdWords Optimization Tips.
  11. E-Commerce Tips, Tools, Guidelines.

Guidelines for Article Contribution:

  1. Quality of Article: The article quality is the prime factor which we consider while accepting guest posts.

Points to be considered while maintaining Quality Of The Article

  • The length of the Article should be between 850-1600 words.
  • Articles must be authentic i.e. original in its form.
  • The Article should be informational in nature.
  • The Article must not seem to be promotional in any sort.
  • The Article should stick to authorized policies.
  • The Article must not comprise of any obsolete or irrelevant data.
  • The Article must not compromise of self- branding aspect.
  • Affiliate links are not permitted into the Article.

2.Credits: Your contribution is highly valuable to us, you’ll add author bio below the article or if you’ve taken reference from someplace must give them credits in your Article if you’re using somebody else pictures don’t hesitate to provide them credit as each work is valuable.

3.Backlink: You can add up to two do-follow links in between the articles while submitting your articles.

4.Media: You can Include 3-5 graphics or a video format else it is also possible to add the initial screenshots for justifying your guided procedures in the content. It is advised to put High definitions pictures

5.Submission Format: You can attach MS Word Document Together with graphics on email. Note: Don’t forget to hyperlink your site link in your keywords and mention that the order of sequence of pictures where they should be submitted.

Terms and Conditions

Digital Technology Institute holds the right to update your article and to distribute that content on several social media platform without paying any royalty. DTI doesn’t give or take any sort of monetary value to publish articles on their blogs. DTI holds the authority to deselect your propoded idea and gives you an assurity  that your content will not be published and will be returned to you if it does not fulfil our quality guidelines. In the same manner, DTI also recommends you that do not post the same Article elsewhere, which you have submitted to our blog; otherwise, it will not have any search engine optimization advantage.

To Send Your Topic Ideas Or Articles. Email Us At:

Note: Due To the lot of Guest Post Requests it may take up to 5-6 Days to give you an Approval for your Topic Ideas kindly be patient and do not submit the similar article anywhere on web.

To know more about what kind of post we accept have a look at our previous blog posts it will help you in selecting  the topic and understanding our thought process.