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Introduction to SEO Course in Delhi

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically a process of ranking your website and increase the volume of targeted traffic to your website on an organic search result page on any search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

With its definition, it is clear that how much SEO is important in today’s trending world. But practically it is not that simple the way it seems by its definition.  It involves lots of techniques and strategies to rank higher on organic search engine results.

Here, at DTI you’ll learn all the SEO techniques and strategies. Digital Technology Institute is the Best Institute for SEO Training Course in Delhi.


modules covered in seo course in delhi

SEO Training Course in Delhi Overview

In this, you will learn the method of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will have a glance at all the fundamental parameters of SEO. You are going to learn the important algorithms of SEO that everyone should keep in memory while creating the website. Also, the things everyone should avoid things while creating a website to not to get penalized by Google.



◍ What is SEO?
◍ Why Websites should be optimized?
◍ How Search Engine Works?
◍ What is Page Rank?
◍ Alexa /PA / DA
◍ The Role of SEO


◍ What is Inbound and Outbound Marketing?
◍ Significance of SEO
◍ Keywords vs Query
◍ Google Trends and Insights
◍ How to get Best ROI?
◍ Case study of White, Black and Grey Hat SEO


on page seo course

In this important part of SEO. You will learn how you can do on-page optimization of your website. You will get covered by the topics like sitemap optimization, search engine robots optimization,  meta tag optimization, image optimization, title tag optimization, and there will be some secrets as well for on-page optimization that we will share with you.



◍ HTML Overview
◍ What are Keywords?
◍ Types of Keywords
◍ Keyword Research
◍ Keyword Density & Proximity
◍ Website Audit
◍ Meta Tag Optimization
◍ Case Studies


◍ Body Optimization
◍ URL Optimization
◍ Canonical Implementation
◍ Content Optimization
◍ Unique and Duplicate Content
◍ Sitemap Generation
◍ Competitor Research


off page seo training

You will also learn about the off-page SEO Optimization factors which will cover link building procedures. It is a technique to boost your website ranking by linking other websites



◍ Backlinks
◍ Types of Backlinks
◍ Backlink Techniques
◍ Submission to Search Engines
◍ Directory Submission
◍ Articles Submission
◍ PR Submission
◍ Forum Submission


◍ PPT/PDF Submission
◍ Classified Submission
◍ Quora and Yahoo Answers
◍ Social Bookmarking
◍ Blog Commenting
◍ RSS Submission
◍ Important Plugins
◍ Case Studies


seo training tools

You will also get to know about the important SEO tools which will help you with SEO. You learn below given tools and some different strategies in this training of seo course in delhi.



◍ Keyword Planner Tool
◍ Competitor Analysis Tool
◍ Content Writing Tool
◍ Website Audit Tool


◍ Website Audit Tool
◍ Google Search Console
◍ Google Analytics
◍ Web Browser Tools


latest seo updates

At SEO Institute in Delhi you will also learn the advanced SEO algorithms and get to know how Google updates affect your search engines rankings. Google’s updates like Penguin, Hummingbird, Panda, Page Rank and there are many other updates about which you will learn to battle with search engines.



◍ What are the Google Updates?
◍ Types of Google Updates ◍ How to Recover from Penalization?


◍ What is Google Penalization?
◍ Why Google Updates are Important?


how to build seo reports

In this module, you’ll learn how to check your website is performing on the search engine. You’ll get to know all the performance of what you did SEO for the website and what the results came.


◍ Keyword Ranking Reports
◍ Off-Page Activity Report ◍ Audit Report for New Project


best digital marketing institute in janakpuri delhi


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What is the Scope of SEO Course in Delhi?


SEO is Highly Demanded:

The analysis team at SEO program Leaders examines job openings, backgrounds for SEO pros, and salaries, and content marketers in the Digital Marketing Job Report. SEO is highly demanded, SEO jobs increasing rate is 43 percent year over year.



Great Salary at Fresher Level:

As SEO is highly demanded so companies are ready for the SEO jobs a good annual package. It starts from 20,000 INR per month for a newer and goes up to infinite.



Value of the Business Increases:

As the website gets rank and company get sales leads business will automatically increase. So, a particular SEO expert is required for every next business to get ranked.



Amazing Future Growth:

SEO’s are growing so fast because of the increase in demand in the market as everyone wants to get ranked on the first page of SERP.



Refreshed with Latest Techniques and Strategies:

As digital marketing is developing industry and day by day many updates comes. So, in SEO course at DTI, we teach the latest techniques and strategies.


Why to choose Digital Technology Institute for Best SEO Course in Delhi?

Here at DTI, we bring the complete SEO Training course from primary to advance level. Digital Technology Institute is one of the best institutes for SEO Training and Internet marketing if you are searching for Top SEO Institute in Delhi since we provide live projects training. And you will get trained by Industry level expert trainers. You’ll learn through the best curriculum which let you understand the course faster than anywhere else.


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