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A Brief On Evolution Of Digital Marketing: 

The evolution of the digital industry is something which did not just start today, rather commenced from the 14th century itself, wherein Gutenberg came in with his printing press. A century or two after this, somewhere in the 1700s what started coming in were the advertisements that started coming in the magazines. And if we talk about the 1900s, Radio, as well as television, started coming in as the means where people could reach masses. So, by the beginning of the second half of the 20th century, Radio, Television as well as the print mediums became the hubs wherein advertisers would pay and advertise their products and services. And this series of growing technologies, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, gave rise to a new need for cheaper means of advertising and marketing. And as necessity is the mother of all creation, here too the need of a cheaper means of advertising gave rise to the digital means of marketing and advertising, as it was not everyone's cup of tea to advertise in newspapers or on television, so this is how the internet started to come in use for digital marketing, and here we are today, living in a world, where without digital marketing, most firms can not even imagine their marketing budgets.
To give some more insight, Archie, the world's first search engine came in as a project of some college students. After which in 1994, it was Yahoo's birth that entirely changed the game. This was the very year when the first online transaction too, took place. Some more, smaller yet efficient search engines, namely Alexa, Hotbot, LookSmart also came into the picture but still, Yahoo was the king at this time. After 3 years it was the birth of Google, after which there has never been any looking back, and in two more years, in the year 2000, it came up with AdWords, which took the marketing industry by storm. With the new targeting features, Google had now become the very hub for Digital Marketing. The journey did not stop here for Google as in 2003-04 new and complicated algorithms were developed by the search engine and this resulted in the advertising and marketing game becoming more aggressive.
At this time, neither was social media very popular nor was used for marketing strategies, however at this time SEO (search engine optimization) was something which became essential for marketing. And when organic competition grew, smaller companies too joined the game and the competition grew like Wildfire. MArketing and advertising had already become digital, and now it was the time for PR (Public Relations) to digitize. Digital PR, something which even most of the PR practitioners don't know much about came in boom and became something which was very much needed at the time.
Now, it was the time for the field of Social Media to change.MySpace undoubtedly was a really famous platform, but after Zuckerberg's prodigy, Facebook came into the picture, the entire game changed for good. Advertising started coming on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and what not. But this again wasn't the end of the digital marketing revolution, rather it was the beginning. Technological advancements in terms of Android and Apple phones started and now there was a lot that needed to change, be it the websites becoming mobile responsive, or be it more browsing being done from Android phones, or platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat being used for advertising, a lot of changes were made. And the field of Digital Marketing still is evolving and is not going to cease evolving anytime soon.
Search Engine Optimisation refers to an amalgamation of various techniques used in order to optimize the raking of a website on the search engine, here Google, so as to bring it on the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of Google. This way of digital marketing requires no capital or even a small amount of investment and just reaps the benefits of the work that digital marketers do. This type of Digital Marketing is termed to be 'natural' or 'organic'. In other words, organically bringing the ranking of your website or blog on the top of the SERP is known as SEO. SEO ensures the bringing in of more and more visitors to your website and can be fone for various kinds of searches, such as for video search, news search, academic search or the others too.
When doing internet marketing people should understand how these search engine algorithms work, by understanding them they can know what all keywords t work on, what is it that would actually please the search engine robots and what all is it that the users would love. Apart from that many other things such as making the website content rich, working on backlinks and using meta tags are needed to elevate the ranking of the website.

How The Need For SEO Arises?

SEO undoubtedly has become an extremely important factor to take into consideration while making a website. Now let us talk about why SEO is so important for not just the person whose website or blog it is but also to the audience. This is so because the algorithms that the search engines have is according to the needs of the user. Hence the algorithms devised are those which directly benefit the audience by allowing them to have a better user experience and a better user interface to work with. This is how the users are benefitted. 
And mostly the websites or blogs who work in accordance with these Algorithms are the ones that actually want to cater to their audience is a wholehearted manner. So having the SEO remarked organic rankings acting as a watchdog is a way of actually keeping all these sites in check and making sure that the people (audience online) gets to see only the best of the best websites and blogs on the first page of Google. And not just this, the website owners to need SEO. This is because, after the coming of Google AdWords a lot many people with big pockets have the ways to invest a whole lot of their advertising and marketing budget in AdWords, using which they can easily be shown on the first page of Google. But what about the little guys? They too don't need to worry as SEO is there for there rescue too. Rather than shelling big amounts from their pockets, just by working not just hard but also smart can benefit these little guys and get them on the first page of Google.
SEO is extremely important in order to ensure that your website's ranking elevates to a great level. Now let us talk about the various ways in which SEO can be done. Search Engine Optimisation can be broadly classified under two heads, On Page and Off Page. 'On Page' techniques refer to those techniques that are done on the website of which one wants to elevate the ranking of. Some of the most basic SEO On Page techniques are working on the keywords in title tag, working on the keywords in the URL, keyword density and proximity in the written content, keywords at the beginning of the document, the quality of the content you write, the frequency of content change, the accessibility of the site and so on.
Now let us talk about some of the Off Page techniques that help a great deal. The most famous and efficient Off Page techniques are Article Submission, Guest posting, Social Bookmarking and so on. All these techniques are the basic ones used by successful digital marketers to increase the flow of traffic on their websites.

How is SEO affecting the lives of the Digital Marketers?

The lives of Digital Marketers have been greatly affected by the coming of SEO. Not just the basic SEO techniques, but these days the amalgamation of all the four pillars of Digital Marketing, which are Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation, Search Engine Management and Social Media Management is put forth so as to achieve great results and generate not just a great deal of traffic, but also quality traffic for the website. Very much, as most firms use an amalgamation of both Offline as well as Digital way of Marketing, in the same way, all these factors are used in various permutations and combinations so as to achieve success in the world of Digital Marketing.
This also implies, that not just the knowledge of SEO is sufficient to land you in a really good professional position in the market. Although, presently there are a lot of vacancies in the market for the field of various SEO related jobs, still in the coming time all these jobs would be taken up by the people with the newcomer advantage. Some of the jobs that one can do after being extremely proficient in SEO, and the other marketing principles too, are:

1. SEO Analyst: 

SEO Analyst, as the name suggests is the post that has a great deal to do with Analysing the website and suggesting ways in which someone can work and improve the SEO rank of their website. The person should be well versed with the various SEO techniques and should have a great deal of experience because not just anyone can analyze the website and tell what all is wrong with it and what all needs to be done in order to make it way better than it presently is.

2. Blogs SEO Analyst: 

Blogging these days, to people who know how to use the internet is just like breathing. Almost every other person in today's date is a blogger. Be it writing about travel, or be it writing about food, or some of the other things, starting right from telling people what kind of government jobs are best for them to  something as quirky as the latest superhero films, there is no end to blogging, so much so that even a single person has up to hundreds and thousands of blogs. So it is quite obvious that when there are so many blogs, there is bound to be a lot of competition, and only those who are extremely specialized in SEO and other marketing tools can make it big in the blogging industry. And this necessity calls for a Blogs SEO Analyst.

3. Small Business Websites Specialist:

 As we just read above, most small businesses can't invest thousands and millions of dollars on AdWords campaigns but still wish to be on the top searches of their niche, and SEO is the thing that comes to the rescue of the little guy. By doing SEO for small businesses, SEO specialists don't just save a lot of money for the companies, but also make quite a good fortune for themselves, as these companies rather than investing in big campaigns invest in handsome salaries for the ones who grab this post.

4. SEO Specialist/ SEO Executive:

 SEO executives are those who perform the activities of analyzing and improving the SEO Score of any website given to them. TRhey can work for a specified company or even in a consultancy. This post gives the people great experience as they deal with a variety of niches and get good experience in the field of Digital Marketing.

5. SEO Manager: 

SEO Manager is the person who is in charge of all his/her underlings. He /she is the one who manages all other people in the SEO department of a firm and is completely accountable for the overall growth or fall of the company's website.
So we can conclude by knowing that SEO is a very vast field and has a lot of jobs in it. And not just that this field is something which is on the verge of growth as of now, implying that the ones who enroll in a Digital Marketing course now, will be benefitted the most as it is true that early bird catches the worm. So what are you waiting for?

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