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Planning Web Development

To have a good online presence one needs a good website. A website is basically a collection of WebPages that tells everything about what your business is into, basically the website of your firm, your work and whatever your business is indulged in, available to your consumers every hour, every day. It is your website that is actually is the interface, which, in most cases is the primary platform for interaction between the consumer and you.

In this module (like Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Planning Web Development), you will learn how to create your own website from the very beginning. You, yourself get to plan out everything starting from the design of the website, to the actual look of the template to the minute details of the graphics and even the kind of content that will be on your website. The learning of this module is extremely important for everyone who wants to do something in the bloggersphere or wants to have their own website, and not just that this module will further help you in getting a better understanding of the modules that will later follow up.

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