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Machine Learning Training Institute In Delhi

Digital Technology Institute, India’s leading Institute presents Machine Learning Course Training in Delhi. Machine learning course with python is the most important part in mastering the machine learning course. You will master Python programming, supervised and unsupervised learning, Random Forest Regressors and Classifiers with proper theoretical knowledge and practical to implement the Machine Learning algorithms. This course will prepare you to become Excellent Machine Learning Engineer.

Why You Should Learn Machine Learning Course?


High Demand in Industries

Machine Learning is one of the most needed, growing and important courses in today’s competitive market. The main motive of this course is to making the lives simpler by making our task easier, it is used in search engines, artificial intelligence, and even Tesla. DTI is offering a very detailed, well-explained, and Highly effective Machine Learning course with Python programming training that can be taken up by professionals, student or even entrepreneurs to excel, grow in their careers and grab the best jobs in the industry or you can start something new.


Unbeaten Salaries at fresher level

In 2019, according to Glassdoor Machine Learning was the highest paid field to get into. The Salary Range of Machine learning Engineer in India is ₹3,60,110- ₹7,70,055 ( These salaries in comparison to other IT Segment Job are much-much Higher at fresher level.


Adding Value to the Business

Machine Learning Engineers are flourishing all around the Globe in every business sector. From the Information Technology sector to Finance Management sector and going all the way to Online Commerce to Digital Marketing and even Retail Industry. The one factor connects all these sectors is ‘Data’. In each industry data is the most precious asset of the organization. Therefore, it requires a trusted adviser and strategist for managing task related to audience selection for targeting.


Great Future Growth

The world of the machine learning is evolving at a fast speed due to the increase in the demand for data in all industries. The wide varieties of skills possessed by machine learning of making better strategic decisions leverage companies to hire them.

Machine learning is very popular in today’s market as it reduces the human effort and increases the machine’s ability to learn itself. After pursuing this course you can become

1.  Machine Learning Engineer – It is a profession where the machine engineer runs various experiments with the help of python, java, and other languages and mix it up with the libraries of machine learning and develop something new that reduces human’s effort. It may require some programming skills, so it is advisable for you to brush up your skills before joining this course

2.   Data scientist – You will have to collect, analyse and implement large
source of data into workable plans and insights. By your programming skills and
proper use of this skill you can make various business actionable decisions.

3.      You can also become , Software  developer or an NLP Scientist.

Highlights of Machine Learning Training Program in Delhi

◍ 6 Hours/ Session (Weekend Only)
◍ Qualified And Experienced Trainers
◍ Hands-On Approach

◍ Career Mentoring
◍ Industry Relevant Curriculum
◍ Lifetime Access To Updated Content

Machine Learning Course is an Amalgamation

Techniques and skills: NLP, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Graphical Models along with a solid foundation in Predictive Analytics and Statistics

Tools: Python , Keras , Tensor Flow , My Sql , NLTK

ApplicationsMarketing, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing.

Digital Technology Institute provides it’s trainees with in depth knowledge of the Machine learning course curriculum from basics to advance level. Learn the practices used within the maximum number of the industries and perform real-time assessments. The tools used in DTI  covers almost 85% of the tools used in the industry. Here we train you to become an expert which will help you stand out in the industry.

Why Digital Technology Institute is the Best Machine Learning Training Institute in Delhi?

Digital Technology Institute brings the best practical approach for teaching Machine Learning Course in Delhi with placement assistance.The curriculum has been designed to make you understand the course in better manner and faster than anywhere else. Our experts make sure that by the time you finish the course, you gain detailed knowledge about Machine Learning . Digital Technology Institute Invites you to  enter in the world of Machine Learning . Join DTI,  & Take your first step towards a successful career.

India:apos:s Premium Machine Learning Training Institute

DTI is an educational facility led by a world class team. Learn to develop skills in the field of Deep Learning and enable to emerge as “Industrial expert”.

One-on-One Session With Industry Experienced Mentors
Designed for Working Professionals
12 Case Studies and Assignments
4 Hours Per Session


Business Analyst
Analytics Consultant
Data Scientist
Research Analyst
Data Analytics
Business Intelligence Analyst
Machine Learning Engineer
SAS Programmer
SAS Programmer Analyst

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