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When you are a student at Digital Technology Institute, you are not just bound to the knowledge of the Digital Marketing field at this time, but also are made aware about how the field came into being and how it grew. With the help of various case studies taught to you here, you are taught not just with the experience of the trainers here, but with the experience of many big companies and people, and while working on Live Projects you will be taught about various things such as how to place keywords, how to create titles, what kind of meta tags should you create, the basic way by which content is created and optimized on the web. Apart from this, ways of optimizing video as well as infographic content are also taught.
HTML validation, another very important aspect of Digital Marketing is taught during these Live Projects along with teaching the students the basics of sitemap creation and the use of robots. Needless to say, quizzes and group discussions are also held from time to time here at DTI.
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