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Etiquettes, as the name suggests is about knowing what are the rights and wrongs of the Digital Marketing industry. Everything that you do in the digital marketing field is not legal. Some things, they are far from legal, and you as digital marketers should be able to tell the difference between the two. Here at Digital Technology Institute, we have an entire module that is entirely dedicated to letting the different techniques that would either profit you remarkably or some that could even cost you your licenses. All this information will make you able to differentiate between the techniques that are White Hats, basically, the legal ones and Black Hats, that are illegal. This is not the end of all the repercussions as there are some digital marketing Black Hat Techniques that can even land up you in jail. What more you would be taught here is the Doorway Pages, Invisible text, stuffing, and cloaking. IP and Proxy, ICANN, Spamming are some other things that you should be aware of. Hence you should as a digital marketer have perfect know-how about the legalities of the field where you are working.

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