People prefer images and graphics over any plain textual content. Reason behind is very obvious because a picture speaks a hundred words. And imagine what, if we mix multiple images and create one then how many words it will cover! To reduce the weight of words in your content the act of learning Graphic Designing will be a perfect step. Graphic Designing is the skill of making content utilizing the pictures, illustrations, content or other different visuals; this is also commonly known as Visual Communication Design.


The demand of graphic designers in market is really high. As they are the one who gives any business or brand the touch of creativity. Graphic designing is helpful in both, online and offline ways.

Graphic Designing Online requirements- This study helps in website designing of any business or brand. It is also helpful in developing the Logo, banners and online advertisements. Bloggers or other website holders can use the art of graphic designing to display creative images on their websites, doing this can help them in increasing the engagement of users on their websites or blogs. On the other hand images play a big role in higher the ranking of any individual website. Playing with the creativity on the Internet with the help of Graphic Designing.

Graphic Designing Offline Requirements- People always have the state of mind of picking the fancy things, which are attractive to their eyes, over the products which are dull in appearance. Likewise on Internet, Instead of reading the straight- plain text in articles viewers get more attracted towards the beautifully designed images which helps the companies to get more business and the engagement rate of users on the websites increases. Companies are looking for creative and innovative graphic designers for their advertisements so that they can increase their sales and hold the market.




Digital Technology Institute is offering three months Graphic Designing Course. In this period the students will learn all the basic and major concepts of Graphic Designing. Here at Digital Technology Institute we are providing four different modules basic and pro concepts.

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Key Features of Corel Draw

◍ Intro. of Corel Draw
◍ Working With Tools and properties
◍ Manipulation of objects
◍ Arranging Objects
◍ Color Basics
◍ Working With Special Effects
◍ Working with Bitmap
◍ Learning the Art of Advertisement
◍ Design Composition
◍ Design characters, Dress, Jewellery, Logos, Branding stuff etc.

Key Features of Adobe Photoshop

◍ Intro. of Photoshop
◍ Working With Tools and properties
◍ Image Manipulation
◍ Working with layers
◍ Mask and its effects
◍ Working with Action
◍ Learning Text effects
◍ Design Composition
◍ Special effects and filters
◍ Creating GIF for Web
◍ Creating Advertisement Materials (Branding, website Templates etc.)
◍ Installation of Brushes, Patterns and Custom Shapes.


Key Features of Adobe Illustrator

◍ Intro. of Adobe Illustrator
◍ Creating Graphics
◍ Tools, properties & WorkArea
◍ Working With Text
◍ Working with layers
◍ Effects of Masking
◍ Creating Brushes
◍ Typography effects
◍ Graphic Styles
◍ Branding Material
◍ Creating Ads ++
◍ Installation of Brushes, Patterns and Custom Shapes.

Key Features of Adobe InDesign

◍ Intro. of Adobe InDesign
◍ Tools, properties & WorkArea
◍ Create, Edit and format text & Paragraphs
◍ Working With Documents
◍ Design Tools
◍ Work with Master Pages
◍ Work With styles
◍ Branding Material (Brochure, Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Categories etc)
◍ Interactive E-Books

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