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Google Ads Course - Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is the kind of advertisement where the publisher is paid by the advertiser when a person clicks on their ad. This, in turn, drives more traffic to the advertiser’s website because of which more sales or viewership is achieved. Basically, the ads that you want are shown on a third party’s website, and you, the advertiser has to pay per click. The idea that is behind teaching this module is about how to get more leads, which in turn would be converted into prospective clients of yours. 

This is an extremely important module, which would make sure that whatever you as an advertiser pay to the publisher, does not go to waste because the prices per click can be extremely high, depending on where you want to place your ads. The process of choosing your targeted audience, the mediums where your ads would be placed, and everything connected to it is extremely easy, but a single mistake in it can cost you a fortune, because of which you need to be very attentive while working on this module. Not just that, it is also important because this is where you actually invest so as to increase the traffic to your website.

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