Online Reputation Management

As important as it is to set up a brand, it is even more important to manage its reputation once it is created and working. Because once set up, there are a lot of reasons because of which the chances can develop that hamper the brand’s reputation. Doing this is many a time misconceived as Social Media Monitoring, but that is not just about it, the field has a lot of gravity to it and is extremely important for any business to sustain for long because even in the online world, there are many people or rival businesses that will try to bring you down, to win from them is not an easy task.
This module will help the students know all that there is in this very field. They will be taught about the process of removing all the negative comments and creating a positive reputation by monitoring the brand’s image. The module is of extreme importance in today’s date and is essential to every business, be it a small scale business or a large enterprise. This is so because the best kind of advertising is giving quality to your customer, and showcasing that quality to the world via online reputation management.
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