Fundamentals of Video Marketing

This fact might not be known to most of the people but Video marketing is one of the most engaging forms of Marketing; while you are watching a video you are engrossed in it, whereas in a Display ad people have just a limited time interaction with the ads and a tagline often fails to explain it to the audience about what the product is all about, whereas in video marketing, the audience just watches videos and the specifications or at least the USP of the product or the service is highlighted in the ad. To give you some basic statistics, about 80% traffic that the advertisers get is big thanks to video marketing.
This module is extremely important for the future digital marketers to know, and here at Digital Technology Institute, we make sure that our students, when graduate from here are completely proficient in the understanding of the fundamentals of video marketing so as to get maximum profits from the return on the investment that these digital marketers make.
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