E-mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is the undoubtedly the oldest form of digital marketing that is still surviving to this date. Still one of the most professional looking ways of reaching people. E-Mail Marketing helps the future digital marketers understand how to generate leads and get more prospective clients so as to increase their revenue.  Here, in this module, we at Digital Technology Institute, teach you the different ways that can help you reach directly the mailbox of your potential customers and connect with them via E-mail.
While learning this module at Digital Technology Institute, the students will be taught:
The basics of E-mail marketing, its importance in today’s worlds’ businesses and its basic elements
The basics of how e-mail marketing should be done, its ethics and a basic introduction of how the web works.
The different types of methods in which e-mail marketing can be done
The various tools that can help create e-mailers so as to get more clients
The do’s and don’ts that Digital Marketers should know about Digital Marketing 
DTI’s trainers will showcase front-hand how to connect with prospective clients and then give you tasks to do yourself.

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