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‘Content Is King’ is a phrase that you surely will hear everywhere in the digital marketing field. Oh, and the statement is a hundred percent true. In the digital marketing field, the value of content is a lot. And content here refers, not just to the text that you type but more. Be it the images, or the video of any kind.
Infographics, everything amounts up to be the content. And so as to market this content well you will definitely need to know what type of content to put on which kind of medium. 
In the Content Management module, the students are taught a lot about what all that is important in this field. Because as essential as it is to check the good quality content, it is as important to see that the content that you have should be in not just the correct format, but also in the correct order, an optimum number of infographics and images in it, a good layout and an engaging structure. But this is just the first half of what you are taught in this module. What more you learn is how to place that content well in different mediums.
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