Writing Magnetic Headlines to attract traffic is an art for Digital Marketers.

Most of Digital Marketers fail to attract traffic even after writing great content. Are you one among them?

The reason why most Digital Marketers fails after writing good content due to poor headlines and as a result they miss tons of potential organic and social media traffic on their money website.

This article today is dedicated on “How TO Write Catchy Headlines for Your Articles”, this article even contain best possible case studies and examples.

Why are headlines important?

Why are headlines important?


Why would you care about catchy headlines? Well then remember that if you have a magnetic and catchy headlines then it will attract traffic for your articles both from search engines and social media platforms.

In other way poor written headlines may be a big letdown and can drastically hamper your social and organic ranking. Let’s see how.


Magnetic Headlines or Catchy Headlines are most important factor that increase your CTR.


Case Study 1:


“Let’s consider that you are ranking 7th for the keyword “Digital Marketing course in Delhi with placement”, being a catchy headline for your article people are neglecting the top 6 ranking and clicking on your magnetic article. When Google find this happening it will consider your position to have a great value than others and boost your keyword on top even if you have poor content than those ranking higher than you.”


Poor headlines not only hamper your organic ranking but your social traffic too. Magnetic headlines have high potential to become viral as they contain attention grabbing text and images. Catchy headlines are so magnetic that you will hardly resist yourself reading that article.


Case Study 2:


“Social media giant’s pages like “Rajnikant Vs CID” jokes have around 1 Billion page likes. If you read their post you will analysis that they have strong and catchy text and images that attract people towards them to click.” Yes, writing magnetic headlines is all about innovation and creativity.”


What are magnetic headlines?


Some words are so catchy and resistive that audience get attracted towards them and it tend to result into clicks. “Magnetic Headlines “was a term coined by “” These headline increase your conversion rates and CTR.

Did you Know: On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline content, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest content on your article. This is power of “Magnetic Headlines”


What Are Benefits of Good Headlines?


Benefits of Good Headlines


I hope you understood what is Importance of a catchy and magnetic headlines? Let’s understand how exactly they benefit us.


1. Improves CTR (Click Though Rate):


CTR (Click Though Rate) is average of total Click & total impression for a particular keyword in SERP. Higher CTR is search engine ranking friendly, Search engines find this a user friendly article and rank you article on top, as described in “Case Study 1”


2. Increase Organic Traffic:


Higher CTR means high search engine ranking for your keywords and increase in search engine traffic.


3. Increase in Social Traffic and Shares:


Have you ever wondered how articles on social media platforms convert into “VIRAL ARTICLES”? Well thanks to catchy headlines! These headlines are so attractive that people can’t resist themselves to click on these juicy headlines and result in high quality of likes and shares, which ends up in more likes and followers for your social media platforms.


How TO Writing Good Catchy Magnetic Headlines?


Writing Good Catchy Magnetic Headlines


1. Write Long Headlines:


Write Full Length headlines for your articles, but being full always don’t means 15+ word article. A SEO healthy headline can be between 55-60 Characters in count. I always suggest “Headline Analyzer by Co Schedule” to write and test headlines.


Make sure that you use minimum 8 words in your headlines although you can use more if you have not exceeded the 55-60 character limit. If you exceed the 60-65 character limit then google will convert the extra words in dots and can lead to lower CTR.

Eg: How to Write Best Catchy Magnetic Headlines | Best Guide.

Conclusion: The golden rule to write awesome catchy and magnetic headlines is to keep it around 8 words in count and not to exceed it beyond 50-55 characters in count.


2. Write unique and creative headlines:


Your catchy headlines should be your creation and innovation, never copy it from other blogs of your niche. Always make your blog be different in high quality description on what your article is really about. Hire a good content writer you can’t write it for yourself. Many companies are spending thousands of rupee on content marketing strategies. These companies are doing good with their content marketing strategy as they understand the power of those catchy headlines.


 3. Write specific headline to Increase conversion rate:


Being Specific about your products and services should be major focus while writing magnetic articles. You should shout out loud and clear about what you offering to your customers and why they should click on your article.


If you check headlines of

Canva: Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software


Canva is very simple and clear about its services they have defined exactly what their services are. That is judgmental for anyone to decide to visit the website.

4. Always insert your money keyword in your headline:


As per SEO OnPage factors its advice to insert your money keywords in the beginning of the headlines not in the end. This enhance your SEO efforts and help you rank high on the particular keyword in SERP.


5. Use numbers and Figures act as Call TO Action:


Studies and research have proved that numbers and figures will attract your potential customers mind. Number and figures have always increase the CTR and conversion for many companies who have implemented it into their headlines. Lately you must have noticed that many marketers use catchy number and figures in their magazines to attract customers and visibility.


6. Yes!! Use of magnetive adjectives in your Headlines boot your visibility too:


Interesting adjectives or power words boost your chances to get your article clicked in SERP. Catchy adjectives acts like magnets and attract your audiences.














Power words are like call to action, these power words increase the chances for your article to be clicked. Always use power words in your article.

Some example of Top converting “Power Words” are:


For the first time

You need to know

Pay Zero

No questions asked

Free Download

Free Quote

Free Trial


7. Always Use Questionable words like “How to, Why, when in your headline” as these give a little glimpse for your audience to understand what they will be reading when they click on your article.


Tips for Writing Better Headlines:




1. Adwords ads are always creative and point focused, try to grab the best “power words” from them as they have been tested and created for proven conversion rates.


2. Learn from industry leaders and masters. Read and follow the best blogs and articles from your niche. Although I don’t recommend you to copy the same headlines but pick the “power words” only.


3. Friends and well-wishers are best source for recommendation always ask for help from them. Ask them if your article is eye candy for them?

Let room for recommendation come in.


4. Always implement A/B testing rule for your headlines. Always test your two versions of your headline by tools like Headline Optimizer by CoSchedule


What are Best Tools for Analyzing Headline:

Below are the best tools for enhancing your headline optimization:


1. Thrive Headline Optimizer


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