Schema Generator Tool | SEO Ranking Tips Using Schema Structured Data

Q: What Is Schema Microdata ?

Answer: Schema Microdata is a tag used in HTML to improve website visibility for a specific group of Information in SERP


Q: What Is Structured Data?

Answer: Schema is latest recommendation by major search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing & Yandex which provide embedded rich information about that particular post or article. Search Engines love Schema as structured data and rank webpages high in SERP.


Q: How To Generate Schema Structured Data On Your Website?

Answer: Google Webmaster provide you best source for Schema generation in various Formats like RDFa and JSON-LD & Microdata format, whichever suits your website backend Configuration, but i will recommend MICRODATA as per my experiences as being code Friendly with HTML embedding.




Various Types Of Schema Structured Markup Available In Google Console (Webmaster Tool) Are:


1: Article Schema: If you are a blogger and hardly anyone knows you in the niche, it’s time to Step up and embed Article Schema markup in your blog and articles. Give a brief information about yourself and what you writing about.



Create Article Schema:



2: Local Business Schema: Are you a local store owner? Use Local Business Schema markup to highlight your local business and find targeted customers around you.



Create Local Business Schema:



3: Restaurant Schema : If you own a restaurant and want to embed information like Restaurant working hours and special menu items to your targeted customers in SERP, You should step ahead with Restaurant Schema markup.



Create Restaurant Schema:



4: TV Episodes with Ratings: If you own a website where you write reviews and ratings About various famous TV Episodes, using this schema markup can boost your CTR % in SERP and improve organic ranking.



Create TV Episodes with Ratings:



5: Book Reviews Schema: If you are a book & novel reviewer and want people to enjoy Reading your interesting book reviews then try Book Reviews Schema markup.



Create Book Reviews Schema:



6: Movies Schema: This schema markup is used if you write article on various movie release And reviews.



Create Movies Schema:



7: Software Applications: If your own a website related to various software applications either for review or for download purpose then Software Applications markup will boost your SERP ranking.



Create Software Applications:



8: Events Schema : Are you an event organiser? Or organising any event on your website? If yes, use Events Schema markup for high visibility in SERP.



9: Products Schema: This Product schema markup will embed extra information about your product.




10: TV Episodes: Give extra information on various famous TV episodes audience is Showing interest in.



Q: What is Major Difference Between Schema, Microdata, and Structured Data?

Answer: Structured data is algorithm of embedding a name with a value which help various Search engines to highlight and index your website content. Microdata is a type of structured Data that work with HTML 5. is a project that gives brief special set of agreed Upon definitions for Microdata tags.


Q: How Use Of Structured Data Markup Can Boost Your Keyword SERP ?

Answer: Websites that uses structured data markup provide a high visibility of keyword ranking in search engines with very rich information about product and services. Structured data markup can regulate better click-through rate (CTR %). A must recommendation for all Authority website and bloggers. Although there are tons of word press plugins available online and many websites that help you generate schema codes in various formats like RDFa and JSON-LD & Microdata format.


Schema Generator Tools:

1.  Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool)

2. Webcode Tools For Schema Generation :

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