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Digital Marketing is the hybrid of same old traditional B2B and B2C marketing Strategy. Digital Marketing is transforming the way we marketed a Decade ago. Its now a need of every business organization, budding Startups or any PR Company. Its really tough to ignore this medium. If you are in this domain already or want to make a career into this career changing transformation, then you should acquire these 7 Golden skills to become a shinning digital marketer.


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7 Golden Skill For Being A Successful Digital Marketer:


1. Creative Content Creator And Innovative Approach For Marketing:

Content writing is compulsory requirement to be a successful Digital Marketer. You need to target your inbound audiences via your innovative and useful articles. Yes, people landing on your website don’t only visit for purchasing your products rather they can also be searching for guidance and feedback. So if you are an excellent content writer and can deliver what that visitor is searching for then Bingo!! You have done 80% of your work. We Digital Marketers consider “Content as King”.

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If your article is powerful enough to guide and relate with what your audience is searching for then there is no good digital marketer than you. Remember!! ” The pen is mightier than the sword”


Of course you can’t become William Shakespeare – But, yes! Your English must be right grammatically. Use the power of Viral Marketing to populate your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, LinkedIn Etc.


2. WordPress and Blog Management Skills:

Blogging is a platform where you can pen down all your creative articles and believe me its not even tough. When I started my blogging career back in 2006 there were hardly any video tutorials of good articles to learn blogging online. It was just a “Doing All Myself Attitude” that gave me this blogging path foundation. Although scenario is different now after 10 years. Technology have evolved a lot since 2006 and now you need to be n expert in WordPress management. You need to have some technical Knowledge. Worry not !! there are thousands of online videos (Thanks to YouTube).


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You hardly need 10 minutes to register a domain and establish a full fledged WordPress blog and merely 30 minute of WordPress customization with free templates available. Best part of using WordPress is – Availability of millions of free plugins which make your work convenient and accurate.


Many of my trainees have asked me ” Which is better platform for blogging among WordPress, Blogger and Tumbler”? My answer had always been “Blogger” because its convenient for newbies and Completely FREE with domain and hosting. Being a newbie Experiment, Learn, Experience and then move to WordPress.


3. Designing Skills:

You don’t have to a pro in Graphics Designing, but yeah being “Jack of All Trade” would be the best way to describe this point. People have been asking me mostly if they need to acquire advanced Photoshop or Coral Draw qualities. In this case my answer would be “NO”.


There are many free Graphics and Image designing tool available online to make your images and info graphics look elegant original and attractive for your online visitors. I have been using Canva.com since a few years and i am in love with it. It has lovely drag and drop interface for newbies.


4. Data Analytic:

In fact it’s very important part for your Digital Marketing career. You need to know what have you been doing with your projects – If on right or wrong track. With the help of Data Analytical skills, you will be able to grasp the progress of your project and study any scope of improvisation. Self study via tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insight and Twitter Analytics can help you understand your consumer behavior like what they do after landing on your website, where they came from and how long did they stayed reading your articles.


digital-marketing-Data Analytic


Many Digital Marketers i have met with have been avoiding or using these tool wrong way. I have been personally consulting many of the Fortune 500 companies and the result analyzed have always given them the opportunity for improvement.


5. Being Passionate:

The Passionate Digital Marketer are one who have creative and innovative approach towards digital marketing. Passionate Digital Marketer always love to explore new and have the “What Next Attitude”. They are one who live to blog, creative attractive videos and are social media addict. There is also a different kind of digital marketing breed “Accidental Digital Marketer” – One who were into digital marketing just for need of job and they have no interest into innovation and no hunger to be updated with new digital marketing trends, these kind of breed i have found to be struggling in this domain, clueless and no scope of career boost.


Surprisingly i have noticed that “Most of Digital Marketers are not Bloggers and most of Bloggers are not Digital Marketers”


6. Knowledge Is Food:

As i have mentioned earlier in this article that just a “Certification” is of no value until be an active listener and update yourself via electronic media. “Constant Updating” is the only “Survival of the Fittest Strategy” for any Digital Marketer. In simple Words “If You Are Not Updated, You Are OUT”. Follow best Digital Marketing Guru’s   read case studies and videos on YouTube. Subscribe to your favorite Digital Marketing websites and read them on regular basis.


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7. Being King of Patience:

You Wrote a Lovely, Interactive and Innovative Blog on a certain topic and you are dreaming to make it viral overnight? Forget It Buddy – You need tons of Patience still.


Your Blog articles will not rank overnight until you have Good Search Engine Authority for your blog and ample amount of followers on your social media platforms.


If you’re are a newbie you need to focus on the basics and then you can deal with all the challenges into Digital Marketing Career. Experience is the best Trainer.


Remember “Rome Was Not Built in A Day”.



  1. Before reading this article, I also have the question whether I need to possess advanced graphics skills for running my blog. But now this question has been answered and icing on the cake is that i got a good website for image designing i.e. canva.com .


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