How Digital Marketing Course Changed My Career?

Sumit Gupta

Hi I am Sumit Gupta currently working for Digital Technpedia Pvt. Ltd. as Digital Marketer. After completing my graduation in from Delhi University  I  was wandering what to do next in my career. Since MBA is too mainstream i wanted to learn something that is more interesting and have high growth in future. I was recommended to learn Digital Marketing by one of my friends. Digital Marketing is very new way of marketing has huge growth potential in the future. Now choosing the best institute in Delhi for digital marketing course was a difficult task. (more…)

How DTI made my Career Brighter with Digital Marketing?

Anshul Pahuja

Hi, I would like to Share my experience with all of you about Digital Technology Institute (DTI). First, I let you know about me- Myself Megha Sharma, a MBA Graduate from Delhi University. I properly belong to Delhi. Earlier, I worked with top MNC’s – IBM or Genpact as an Executive in Backend Profile. But I already knew that I have a lack of Interest in this Profile and I was too much worried about my career. (more…)

How Does Google Latent Semantic Indexing Works?

Ever wondered how google matches you’re your documents with respective keywords? Being a largest search engine google uses its Artificial intelligence. Do you know what google artificial intelligence is?

Google has its own algorithm for matching raw queries with the related documents all over the World Wide Web. Google artificial intelligence is consist of Rank Brain, Rank brain is an algorithm which enables google to process search result to provide more relevant result to the user as related to their queries . To enable this process Rank Brain uses Latent Semantic Indexing algorithm.




How Can You Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website?


What Do You Understand By Bounce Rate?


Your website is ready and your product is on it for everyone out there to see, and even before you realize, your visitors are into your website to see what variety of products it offers. Your visitors come to your website and then leave, maybe after 4-5 minutes of going through entire website, maybe after one minute, or maybe immediately. There may be a situation where your visitors may not stay around your website long enough to get across your landing page. This may lead them not to return to your website again. This leads to the measurement of your website and shows us how sticky is your site. Whether the visitors are hanging from one page to another in your websites, or are bouncing out off your website. (more…)