How to make money with google adsense youtube video marketing earning


Hello Guys, my name is Rovinson and today I would like to share my Experience of first time I earned money online. I knew since long that Internet can be used to earn money but I didn’t know exactly how it works. So one day like many people, I was watching videos and I came across a video telling about PewDiePie. I got to know that he is making a lot of money from YouTube videos. He was making $10-$12 million dollar (6-7 Crore Indian Rupee) every year and its growing at high rate. Currently he has more than 50 million subscriber and is the highest YouTube earner in the world. Now this got me really interested and I was willing to make money from YouTube videos like him.

I started my YouTube Channel with the name “Daily Web Video”, but I didn’t know what to do or how to start with the videos. At that time there was a mobile phone called “Lenovo k4 Note” which was going to be launched. So what I did was, I collected some photos of the mobile phone from Google Images, learnt about the features of the phone from different websites and made a slideshow kind of video on topic of Lenovo k4 Note discussing about the features, price and launching. Now on Internet people were looking for the information about the Lenovo k4 Note that was going to be launched. At that time there were very few videos about Lenovo k4 Note because it was not even launch and I knew that once it is launched, there will be many other videos that will come and beat me. So I used the opportunity of High Demand and Less Supply and turn the opportunity into Real Cash.

Here is the graph you can see about my first month earning from YouTube which I did very casually:


earn money online through youtube videos


I made few more videos regarding other mobile phones that were going to  be launched that month regarding comparisons of two new mobile phones, features of new phones, etc.


earn money online


I got few copyrighted issues with some videos because I tried to use other’s videos on topics like Cricket and I had to delete those videos to avoid ban of my account. You can see the deleted videos as “Unidentified Videos” in the list but yes I certainly got money from those videos also. It is because once the ads are displayed on the videos then YouTube gets the money from the Advertisers and divides it into the ratio of 55:45. YouTube shares 55% of money earned from advertisers to the video publishers like me and keep the 45%.

Now in order to receive money from YouTube, You have to connect your account with AdSense. Your AdSense should be activated using the Pin no. that you can receive by mail and entering the pin into your AdSense account. Now I connected my AdSense account with YouTube and kept working on the YouTube videos. I published few more videos in the coming time like this:


youtube videos earn money online


Ultimately it was time to withdraw my first earning because one cannot withdraw money from Google AdSense before it reaches  $100 in India. Even If you are at $99, you have to wait for full one month to cross $100 just because of $1 less. So when my account crossed $100, it added upto $161.15.

Here you can see the graph of my first earning report:


earn money online through adsense


I signed into my Google AdSense and connected my Indian Bank Account. I then applied for my first payment and I received it on the 20th of the next month.

Here you can see the Wire Transfer and Receipt from Google:

how to create adsense account

I received my first payment of $161.16 from Google AdSense which was 10,000 Indian Rupees. I felt very happy and it motivated me to work more for the videos. But one thing I want to tell you is that you have to work with dedication for your channel or your website once you get your first payment. Nothing is easy in this world and the hard work should be more and more to keep growing.