For getting visitors to your site we do so much of marketing activities like SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing and much more. Getting more visitors is not the goal of any e-commerce site ultimately you want sales. Even though you get lot of traffic but your marketing effort become useless or pointless when conversions get limited due to problems on your website.

To get more sales, you don’t have to spend a year to study optimization. Here you can learn how to boost and increase your ecommerce conversions from today itself.


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Write Impressive copy


You should never copy your manufacturer’s product description. Two important reasons are given below.

1.  Its not the right way to do SEO.

2. It does not give any reason to customers that why they should buy your product rather than others.

We should always write specific description for each and every product. Here  are few points to remember

  • Promote with benefits. Specific description and features are important, but  always promote your product by writing majority of your copy about benefits.
  • Emphasize or highlight your USP. Why should someone prefer buying your product and not from your competitors?
  • Write long and short details. First paragraph of you copy should include essential information and then detailed information of the product for the people who want to know more about it.
  • Include a call button. This should be the prominent part of your copy

Visuals should be optimized


  • The image of your product not only represents your product but its is equally important as your web copy . It should emphasise on the product’s benefits and USP’s. Right product images speak about itself and its features. Be wise and smart while choosing images.


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Offer Social Proof

Displaying customers review can do wonders as it can give positive influence on shoppers and can change their purchasing decisions when they see online reviews. By doing this you can win the trust of visitors of your ecommerce store as it is already appreciated and trusted by real customers.

  • Customer reviews should be featured
  • Testimonials from customers should be prominent
  • Celebrities and influencers should be invited to become brand advocates
  • Should show your increasing data of happy customers.


Getting good discount always attracts customers and people always look for services or products on sale. It is seen that some people don’t prefer to buy product if it is not on sale. So it should be your priority to emphasise sales on your products pages which make easy for shoppers to navigate and find specific sales section.


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Offer Online Support


E-Commerce-SEO, online support


Customers expect online support during shopping. As per report and feedback customer says they need support while shopping online. Around 30% says they need immediate online support and around 40% need assistance within few minutes of shopping.

The best way to fulfil this need is live chat, and it is seen that shoppers are more likely to make purchase.

So shoppers should easily contact you during the process of purchase.


Simplify Checkout and Payment option

When customers are asked to sign up or create a new user account or check in may drop the plan for shopping. Though signups are good marketing option but it can lead to decrease in sales.

Payment options are the second option to be considered as limited payment option can also affect conversion rate. Choose wisely and give more payment options for you customers. Few are listed below

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Internet banking
  • COD
  • Payment wallet

Checking out process should be made easy with easy navigation to complete the shopping process which enhances customer experience.


online shopping checkout and payment

Tackle Cart Abandonment

After lot of marketing activities and efforts to increase conversions, facing cart abandonment is truth of e-commerce. Research by Baymard Institute states that 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned. If you face abandonment rate more than this then you may have some fault in your checkout process. To get rid of this you need to make efforts to get back with your almost converted customers.

What you can do is:

  • Send Email to customers about cart abandonment
  • Using remarketing tool for them like Adwords PPC or Facebook ads. Offering discounts always help in getting sales.

According to e-commerce survey 2014, 54% of customers prefer buying from shopping carts when discount is offered to them.


Offer free shipping


Free Shipping is one of the important factors which boost conversion rate, though many e-commerce sellers don’t like to do that.

This is how it effects conversions if you don’t offer free shipping

  • Increase in cart abandonment. When customers find out that shipping and handling cost is too high, around 45% of shoppers abandon the shopping cart.
  • Shoppers can go to your competitor. According to Forrester research ‘’Around 75% of customers would prefer buying products from other retailer or competitor who offers same product  with free shipping or two to three days shipping time”. Therefore if you don’t keep competitive rates, chances increase for you to lose your customers.


Free shipping can lead to more conversions:

  • 93% of customers get encouraged to purchase more when they find free shipping on orders.
  • 30% of order increases when there is no cost for shipping is involved


Free shipping online shopping



The best strategy to boost conversion in e-commerce is to retain customers. Research says that 43% of business comes from the retained or existing customers in ecommerce stores. Margin increases to 80% which is said to be best in the class. Therefore introducing loyalty points or reward points can do the wonders, which attracts customers to come for repeat purchase. Forrester research found that existing customer with loyalty program spends around 13% more than two new members or customers.



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