What should be the Strategy for Social Media? What is PINEAPPLE STRATEGY?

The priority of every SMO Strategist should be to strategically create interesting online content and to reach all kinds of people. For that the calendar should be well organized and planned. Social Media Pineapple strategy is the most helpful Calendar that every marketer needs. Via this Pineapple Strategy, you can make your schedule more powerful, productive & even more revenue generating after planning on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The Social Media Marketer would require a Social Media Calendar (Planner) through which a marketer can create as well as achieve their desired goals.

Here, we’re going to provide you with the best ideas about pineapple social media calendar. It takes a lot of effort in making responsive strategies but the best part is that it’s a one-time task and that’ll not definitely bother you in the future.

So, Let’s Start Pineapple Social Media Planning Strategy

First, choose your Social Network

Discover where your Audience is – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc. Create a list of three to five Social Networking sites which helps you to reach your audience.

Remember, don’t make your list too big because you also have to maintain or work on this Content/Strategy. If you can handle one or two then you can go with it-that’s not an issue. Make it simple and understandable.

Pineapple Social Media Monthly Planner

This “Monthly Planning Calendar” offers an overall snapshot or report (on the basic of daily, weekly or monthly) of Social Media Campaign.


Let us take Facebook to make a pineapple strategy. Let’s plan a Pineapple Social Media Calendar on the basis of 2 weeks. We’ll schedule our day in three slots:


  • First slot : 11am-1pm
  • Second slot : 3pm-5pm
  • Third slot : 9pm-10pm


This Blog (Create Social Media Pineapple Strategy) is the utter most proficient use of your time.


  • Create an Excel sheet
  • Add or Remove the social media channels, even you can create a specific sheet for every social network platform (like- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • Fill the social media content (what you did today or your today task had done or not) for every day
  • Highlight all the cells of each Task


A finalized Social Media Calendar



In following sub-section, we have to edit your task for your own purposes. We should take our task in the Zigzag Format to maintain a gap between the same tasks.
On the above SMO Calendar, you have noticed following types of content or tasks with color-code that you should keep in mind for making the Pineapple strategy for Social Media. Here we’ll elaborate about it:

  • Web 2.0 – If we talk about Web 2.0 tools in more depth, it’s most popular tools are:- Blogs, Social Networks, Podcast, Micro-Blogs, Social Bookmarking.
  • Blog on website – Post a Blog that is already linked with your website. You can post more blogs via WordPress etc.
  • GIF Images
  • Videos
  • Latest updates
  • Images
  • Testimonials

RedWe’ll do Web 2.0. In depth most popular tools are i.e. – Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Micro blogging etc.

OrangePost a Blog that’s already linked with your Website. You should post a Blog Articles as you scheduled in your social media Calendar.

Sea Greenyou have to post a GIF Images that’ll help you to nurture or promote your Brand or Service.

Light GreenPromote videos and SlideShare Presentations to promote their Business. The Presentation should be embeddable, shareable, and downloadable. In Short, we can say it should be user friendly.

Blue Post Images that will nurture your consumers about your Brand or Services as scheduled in the SMO Calendar.

PinkWe should share the Testimonials of Consumers or user that’ll assist you to build the Trust and make more reliable.


Hopefully, now you have a better idea about the Social Media Calendar (Pineapple strategy). We have shared with you our one of the best strategies that will definitely assist you in making the Pineapple Strategy for Social Media.


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