dti reviews and testimonials

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Hi, This is Rovinson, BBA Graduate from IP University. I was looking to do something big and different in my life other than just living to make money. I knew that You can make money anywhere in any field but I want to make sure that I love that field. After my Graduation, I could have easily gone for Finance or Marketing Sectors to get good Job. My classmates have done it and they are now getting good salary. But one day I called them and asked How is Life? and they were like not so good feeling. Yes, They were making good money but were not feeling happiness because they were doing their Job for money, not for love.

Now here I was so confused about my Life regarding what to do, what do I love to do, What is the purpose of my life, What I should be doing, What is the thing that I can keep doing all my life and never get bored. Searching answers to these questions I spent my 3-4 years and reached 25 Age. Then One day mother told me to do Digital Marketing and I was not much interested initially because I thought it was something like email marketing kind of thing. But my mother was still persistent and found an institute in Janak Puri near home with affordable fee called Digital Technology Institute.
Then I came here for the briefing to know what it is all about due to my mother’s pressure. I came and I got to know it is much much bigger than I thought and I found it very interesting. Before joining the course I was little hesitant initially But I still paid the fees and joined the course because one thinks I knew for sure that the Internet is the Future, It is not going anywhere and it is here to stay.
Now, at last, I joined DTI for Digital Marketing Course. The course kept on becoming more and more interesting. I liked each and everything about the course, this got me very much interesting. I can say this is the best institute for digital marketing course with the best affordable fee to get the best quality teaching from the most experienced teacher. I should say that I was very lucky to join this institute to pursue this course by mistake.
After my completion of course, I also got my internship from the same institute and I got very good practical knowledge after the theoretical learning from live experiences. I was not only able to think strategically but also I became a very good consultant for others by analyzing the reports. Now I am feeling very happy and I would like to do this work my whole life. One Life One Goal, My Goal of my life is to be No. 1 Digital Marketer in the world. There should be nothing that I don’t know about. So this was my testimonial about my course and my experience in Digital Technology Institute. Hope it inspires you in some way in your future life and motivates you. Good Luck for your Future.