There are a lot of universities and colleges that are taking Digital Marketing seriously due to the demand of necessary knowledge to work in most of the industries. About a decade ago, digital marketing or internet marketing was not of prime importance in the market. But now it is a full fledged field with bright career, proper training institutes and colleges available for knowledge distribution. If one needs to stand ahead of their competitors, they need to prove themselves in any field. Now a days, there are multiple ways to work in Digital Marketing.

It has many elements they can be broadly divided into four main categories :

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

It is the way of attracting visitors to website via Search Engine by increasing the ranking of the website. This method is unpaid or organic method of marketing where one doesn’t need to spend any money and just based on the content and right keywords along with on-page and off-page optimization, the marketing can be done only on the based of that.

2. SEM – Search Engine Marketing

It is the way of increasing the visibility of the website by paid promotional methods. The Paid Marketing is done on Search Engine. Adwords from Google and Bing Ads are such example of it. It is very complex program tool from Google and Bing, but can help you achieve great ROI if done properly.

3. SMO – Social Media Optimization

It is the way of attracting visitors to the website through the means of social media. For example If one is having a Page on Facebook, then they can get good no. of traffic from the page using the popularity of the page.

4. SMM – Social Media Marketing

Now this is a Paid Marketing technique on Social Media. So If someone is having a page and wants to promote their products and services through the page which is having less reach or popularity, then it is good for them to use paid marketing techniques to increase awareness and sell their products or services.

5. Content marketing

This kind of Marketing is done in SEO when one needs to organically wants to make his website content rich about some topic. High Quality contents help the website to gain visibility and good ranking in search engine to gain natural visitors.

6. Affiliate marketing

This method is used to earn money online through affiliate programs which means to make a website about a particular product or services and when someone buys the product or services, you automatically get paid for that through the use of cookies and affiliate program that you are connected with.

7. Email marketing

This is the method that is the cheapest method with minimum effort included. The only main effort is to get all the email data information. But once you get the email information data you can use it to spread awareness about product and services which can help you to earn money.