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A Newbie’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is considered to be one of the best sources of secondary income via Internet after Google AdSense. But for becoming a successful Affiliate Marketer, you need to know a few major skills. One is the art of blogging, where you can write articles and publish, and the second is to know how to do SEO for your blog, so that it can rank in the search engine and have a good visibility. If you have a strong hold in these two areas, then you are all set to begin your affiliate marketing campaign.

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What Are The Google Webmaster Tools Guide for Beginners?


How Google Can Assist In Your SEO

Thinking about getting help in SEO ? Tired of making non-stop backlinks and adding keywords? Still not getting the desired results after all this hard work? Where are you lacking behind your competitors? Are your keywords working properly? Backlinks you made are really working or not? So here’s the solution for you the perfect guide to your seo.

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Which is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi?

Want a Bright Career In Digital Marketing? Join Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

Digital Marketing is yet another domain where you can think about enhancing your career. If you are already a working professional and frustrated with your current job and growth, then Digital Marketing is surely what you have been searching for. With India’s plan to turn Digital will be a revolution in Indian economy. India is ready to change, but are you ready?

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How to Steal Customers from Your Competitors ?

Are you a Digital Marketer? Are you struggling with your organization for lead generation? An organization cannot survive without leads pool. Most of finest digital marketers struggle to reach out their targeted audience online. Lead generation is as tough as building the product.

Advancement of technology has enhanced various Digital marketing platforms. These platforms are providing various ways through with you can generate leads, but suggested ways to generate lead is to target your "Competitor's Customers".


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Is Writing Magnetic Headlines SERP Friendly?

Writing Magnetic Headlines to attract traffic is an art for Digital Marketers.

Most of Digital Marketers fail to attract traffic even after writing great content. Are you one among them?

The reason why most Digital Marketers fails after writing good content due to poor headlines and as a result they miss tons of potential organic and social media traffic on their money website.

This article today is dedicated on “How TO Write Catchy Headlines for Your Articles”, this article even contain best possible case studies and examples.

Why are headlines important?


How To Clear Google Adwords Certification Exam: Expert Tips

What Is Google Adwords Certification?

Google Adwords is a Pay per click program by Google . Google Adwords Certification is now Renamed As “Google Partners Certification” .Google Adwords Certification is an added advantage if you want to have expertise level of achievement in Pay per Click (PPC) arena of Digital Marketing. Individuals with Google Adwords Certification are preferred in Industry and very soon it will become a least standard or compulsory if you want to clear PPC job interviews.


How To Clear Google Adwords Certification


Amazing Tips To Boost E-Commerce Conversions : Expert Advice

For getting visitors to your site we do so much of marketing activities like SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing and much more. Getting more visitors is not the goal of any e-commerce site ultimately you want sales. Even though you get lot of traffic but your marketing effort become useless or pointless when conversions get limited due to problems on your website.

To get more sales, you don’t have to spend a year to study optimization. Here you can learn how to boost and increase your ecommerce conversions from today itself.


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Top 10 Most Asked Questions For Digital Marketing & SEO Job Interview

Digital Technology Institute have trained and placed thousands of smiling trainees and still counting.

Giving an interview is an art, it have to presented well and to being focus on a point. Many trainees have been asking me what will be the questions asked to them when they take the interviews. I have at my level and experience has taken thousands of Interviews of fresher and at manager levels. As per my expertise I would prefer a short, informative and precise answer to be impressed.




5 Amazing Tips to Buy Perfect Domain Name for Your Website

Lately Many Trainees of mine have been asking the best tips to buy a SEO optimised Domain name. Although it’s a tedious process to search a perfectly optimised domain name. You need to understand various other factors too that have been laid down by Google in its algorithm.

Searching a perfect Domain name is like naming a new born kid, it sound funny but yeah it is 🙂
There are trillions of websites online and almost all have already allotted with a certain domain name or extension. Well Know you know why I said that naming a website or searching a domain is tedious task.

But Guys there are certain factors you should understand before purchasing a domain name if you want your website to be later optimised.