How to make money with google adsense youtube video marketing earning

How To Make Money Online With YouTube Earning through Google AdSense?


Hello Guys, my name is Rovinson and today I would like to share my Experience of first time I earned money online. I knew since long that Internet can be used to earn money but I didn’t know exactly how it works. So one day like many people, I was watching videos and I came across a video telling about PewDiePie. I got to know that he is making a lot of money from YouTube videos. He was making $10-$12 million dollar (6-7 Crore Indian Rupee) every year and its growing at high rate. Currently he has more than 50 million subscriber and is the highest YouTube earner in the world. Now this got me really interested and I was willing to make money from YouTube videos like him. (more…)

digital technology institute for digital marketing course delhi

Why Digital Technology Institute for Best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi?


Every month, more than 2000+ people search for top digital marketing course training institute in Delhi on the Internet. And there is a rapid increase in the search as the demand of Digital marketing course in Delhi. In fact, this demand of the best digital marketing institute  has increased since lat couple of years.

Factors that describe the standard of an institution:

  • Faculty
  • Course Curriculum
  • Certifications
  • Fees
  • Environment of Class
  • Method of Teaching
  • Placement Assistance


My Experience of Digital Marketing Course in DTI

K V Rovinson


Hi, This is Rovinson, BBA Graduate from IP University. I was looking to do something big and different in my life other than just living to make money. I knew that You can make money anywhere in any field but I want to make sure that I love that field. After my Graduation, I could have easily gone for Finance or Marketing Sectors to get good Job. My classmates have done it and they are now getting good salary. But one day I called them and asked How is Life? and they were like not so good feeling. Yes, They were making good money but were not feeling happiness because they were doing their Job for money, not for love.


Why DTI is the Best Institution and My Experience in DTI

Shashwat Mukherjee

I am Shaswat Mukherjee, now  working as a Digital Marketer in Delhi. I started my journey of becoming a top digital marketer  when  joined Digital Technology Institute in Janakpuri in November. Earlier, I was working in one of the MNC’s in Delhi for almost a year but I left there desperately needing to improve my knowledge on Digital Marketing and also wanted to grow so I decided to take up Digital Marketing Course. (more…)