Affiliate Marketing

To let you know you what Affiliate Marketing is about, let us just assume that when you click on a Flipkart advertisement on a website, that particular website gets some share percentage of the profit that the third party company gets from the consumer as commission on the sales that the company generates. Affiliate Marketing, basically is an easy way of making money just by having that third-party company’s advertisements on your website or blog. There sure is a great deal of money in Affiliate Marketing and What is even better is that even if they buy some other product than what your advertisement was showing, you still get a percentage that is fixed for that product category.

This module is extremely important and helps you understand all about being a small part of the big internet affiliate family. In this process you will:
Understand the basics of affiliate marketing.
Be told how your business can use affiliate marketing to increase the sales and revenue of the company.
How you yourself can earn good amount of commission by generating sales for these companies.
Let you understand different methods of Affiliate Marketing.
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